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Haunted Highway - The Spirits of Route 66

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From the cold shores of Lake Michigan to the shimmering beaches of Santa Monica, California, Haunted Highway will take you on an excursion into the world of ghosts and supernatural.  This unique travel guide will lead you down Route 66, haunt by haunt where you will be fascinated by the humorous, tragic, and sometimes heartbreaking stories of these ghosts.

Haunted Highway

Visitors are welcome at all sixty-six sites, so here's your chance to interact with a ghost yourself.  When you make reservations at one of the bed and breakfasts or hotels listed in the book, be sure to request the room where the spirits is the most active - if you dare!

Don't forget your camera if you're brave enough to venture into one of the cemeteries listed in Haunted Highway.  Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Illinois has the reputation of being the most haunted site in the Chicago area.  Shoot a roll of film in Bachelors Grove and, more often than not, you'll find some sort of anomaly in the developed photos.  Red streaking lights, unexplained mists hovering over gravestones, blue orbs and even images of faces may show up in your photos.  The spirits range from image of monks to the spirits of glowing yellow man with the most famous the White Lady.

Haunted Highway was released by Golden West in 1999. For quantity orders at a discount call American Traveler Press at (800) 521-9221.