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What People are saying about Haunted Highway

"Who would have thought that a Route 66 road trip could be so scary? This book is absolutely first rate and promises a bone-chilling vacation like no other have taken before. I loved it!
Troy Taylor, President of the American Ghost Society

"What could be better than a good ghost story or an eerie tale about our beloved Route 66? How about sixty-six of them! All you need to enjoy this book is a comfortable chair, an open mind, and maybe, just maybe, a nightlight."
Michael Wallis, author Route 66: The Mother Road

"Filled with 66 eerie tales of love, murder, tragedy and betrayal, the book is a road map of ghost stories from Illinois to California. The entertaining narrative includes addresses, phone numbers and hours and days of operation for each featured location, so tourists and curiosity seekers can see for themselves if the stories really are true.
Phoenix Home and Garden.

"Haunted Highways is an excellent chronicle of ghostly sites along Route 66 - from Chicago to L.A. It also includes side trips to haunted locations near Route 66." - Route 66 Magazine

"Not your ordinary travel guide, Haunted Highway-The Spirits of Route 66, explores 66 haunted locales along the historic road. Now, the ghostly mystery of the highway is captured in a new book that tracks down numerous spirits along the old road."

"And you thought the Blair Witch Project was scary? Halloween may have come and gone, but the ghosts are still out. At least, they are along Route 66. Authors Ellen Robson and Dianne Halicki recently spent two years investigating stops along the famous highway which are rumored to be haunted, and they wove them into a collection of sixty-six mesmerizing tales of the supernatural."
Scottsdale Airpark News

"What a unique idea for a ghost book! A ghostly guide to the spirits that haunt on and along the mother-road! The road that connects Chicago to Santa Monica, California isn't as widely used as it once was but that doesn't stop the phantoms from staking their claim to bits and pieces of it. I found the book easy to read and well illustrated with plenty of photos."
Dale Kaczmarek, President of the Ghost Research Society

"Feeling adventuresome? Pick up this handy guide to some of the most haunted locations in America. The book is the perfect travel guide for ghost hunters. Inside you will find nearly 200 pages of haunted haciendas, graveyards, theaters, inns and some surprisingly haunted landmarks, all open to the public. The authors give you first account of their travels along Route 66 and advice on getting the most out of the haunted locations discussed."